We run Google AdSense on We Post Here to cover the costs of Squarespace registration and hosting, and anything we make over and above that we put back into advertising to try to grow the audience.

Once blockchain has taken over the world we would like to remove the ads and fund the site with micropayments. Hopefully this will allow us to develop a nice, clean system for subsidising guest writers, too.

If you would like be part of this revolution, please download the Brave Web Browser, which comes with full ad-blocking and cookie-rejecting anonymity and instead rewards you with its native token for time spent on verified sites, like this one! The tradeoff is that you won't see the ads on We Post Here (or anywhere!) if you don't want to and instead Brave pays us directly for your attention. It's also much, much faster than Safari, Chrome, etc., because it doesn't waste time loading irritating ads.

But hey, maybe this all sounds too weird and techy and you are happy with the status quo, which is totally cool. In that case, if you want to help us out then please just engage in the comments, share our posts, and follow us on Facebook!